Logo featuring a green dragon holding a flagon of frothy ale

The Dragon’s Flagon Logo Design

This project involved creating a logo for my Dungeons and Dragons party who created a tavern in game.  I wanted to surprise them with drink coasters as a Christmas gift, so the logo design had to be made with a circular coaster in mind.

The tavern was created after the party defeated their first ever dragon. It was a green dragon that was destroying the countryside, and after winning the battle against it, they had it stuffed and mounted at a mansion they converted into a tavern. The logo needed to include elements of the dragon and be easily identifiable for what type of business it was.


I first started with a sketch of what the sign in front of the tavern might look like, and then adapted it to a logo that could be added to merchandise.

Sketch of tavern sign for Dragons Flagon, dragon holding a flagon over the top of the sign        Sketch of Dragon's Flagon logo with dragon holding a flagon


The final logo included a green dragon holding up a frothy flagon of ale, as if to cheer with other patrons. I selected Lucida Calligraphy Italic as the type for the Logo because it was reminiscent of 1800 saloon signs with a fantasy style.  


Image of Dragon's Flagon Logo on a round wooden coaster sitting on a character sheet