Thumbnail of Wild Wind Equine Sanctuary Promotional animation

The Project

Wild Wind Equine Rescue is looking to expand their online presence with a video promotion. They have been fighting for years to pass the SAFE Act and believe that a wider audience will help further the advancement of the Act and increase donations for Wild Wind.


The promotion video must bring awareness of the treatment of wild mustangs and burros, inspire action to help pass the Safe Act and elicit donations to support Wild Wind. The video also needed to be less than 3 minutes to stay within industry standards for YouTube advertisements. In order to match the tone of Wild Wind, the tone of the video needed to be educational, heartwarming, beautiful, and endearing. Serious but overall, a message of hope, wild & free.

Research was conducted to identify the target audience and storyboard sketches were completed.

       Wild Wind Equine Promo Storyboard showing 8 sketches of images for the video


The final video was completed in After Effects and featured free images from Flickr with Creative Commons Licenses.

A brown horse on a hill with the words, A Living Symbol of American History.